daily painting titled Spring Flowers at Pierreavon

Spring Flowers at Pierreavon

20 x 10cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 3 April, 2006
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I would like to purchase this painting. Could I be so fortunate as to win this wonderful painting?

The paintings are beautiful. Not sure how I can ever purchase one since they are already marked "sold" by the time I get the emails. Any ideas?

Since this same conversation takes place every day lately, have you considered putting them up for auction?
Duane Keiser had a lot of success doing that and seemed to transition very easily (to ebay).

I like this landscape painting, but again by the time I see it, it is already sold!Would you consider a method of staggering your paintings by different time zones, so we have a chance to buy one!

No, no! No auction! No e-bay! Just Julian's paintings, patience, perserverence, and time! Please.

Not to add more fuel to the fire, but I wish people would stop gripping about the purchase process. While I can certainly understand the frustration, the quest of ownership should not diminish enjoyment of Julian's wonderful postcards. These are unique gems that should be savoured and appreciated, not fought over by those with the biggest checkbook on Ebay. And if that's all you can see, then you have missed the point of "Postcards from Provence" entirely. Today's piece is stunning but only one person can purchase it. (Julian must feel like Solomon all the time, trying to divide the baby.) So enjoy your electronic postcard and let it inspire your day. That's always what art does best!

I agree that people ought to focus on the work not the price or availability. While I am not a collector, I have been appreciating Julian's work for probably close to two years now.
I just imagine that since his collector base has grown so much lately it might be time for an updated system (especially considering all the complaints recently).

Although I completely understand the frustration from seeing the red "sold" sign whenever I check the site, I also agree that there should be less focus on purchasing and more on luxuriating in the paintings. But, Julian, a suggestion: perhaps because this is a conversation that happens so often, you could create a little "FAQ About Purchasing" page that lets people know that it's first come/first served, and that you prefer not to put things up for auction? Could go a long way toward letting people know the process without having to ask on the board.

You mean like this? "The daily painting is sent out to the subscriber list by email generally between 11am and 7pm european time. The painting is posted to the site after the email has been sent to all subscribers. When the painting is first posted there will be a purchase button under the title which is subsequently removed when the painting is sold. it is not possible to reserve or commission the postcard paintings."

That's the first paragraph under the "purchasing" link. It's always been there. I don't think people look around the site before they post here.

i love it!
people "fighting" over art!

i love your work, Julian and i enjoy Duane's very much as well, but i too have very mixed feelings about Duane's solution: an auction. While i think it is fantastic that he is earning a very good income from his very good art, it leaves a lot of us out of the market. It is not terribly democratic...it means his work goes to those with deepest pockets...a thing i have alwasy mourned, being a struggling artist myself: envious on the one hand, but also frustrated that i cannot afford to buy other's work i admire.

Why not a good old fashioned raffle: enter your name and trust Julian to put all the names in a hat and the name he pulls out is that day's purchaser?

I'll bet you, Julian, never ever thought that you would achieve this: people angry and frustrated over not getting money to you first!

i toast your success, and wish you continued success and luck in appeasing your frustrated fans!

Perhaps Julian need not appease his frustrated buyers at all? Sounds strange in the day of the consumer/customer as king, but does he need them? ;)

To be fair to Elizabeth, Debre it is evident that I need a more comprehensive solution to common questions and a FAQ (though people will still ask the same questions!) is something I have intended to implement, I just havn't had time and the system is still being, errrmm, perfected.