daily painting titled Aubergine and Red Pepper

Aubergine and Red Pepper

14cm x 18cm, oil on gessoed card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 11 April, 2005
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Another boring, derivative little painting by a hack trying to make a buck. Fortunately for you the world is full of suckers.
Somebody had a bad day with her paint by numbers and had a tantrum. Pretty little painting Jullian, nice composition, nice colour and reasonable at half the price. (maybe Joyce just has an aggressive way of haggling)
It takes all types! Personally I would remove this comment. I presume you meant twice the price, Paul? And yes of course we all have to make a living! keep it up Julian.
Someone needs a slap and it ain't you Julian! Hack my arse!
You only have to look at the number of red dots to see that your delightful paintings are appreciated by a lot of people Julian. You could make me a very poor lady!
"Boring - derivative - hack"?? Joyce, you can't be serious, surely!!
Julian, your work is lovely and accomplished and is a joy to many. I wish you much success and many sales - anyone would treasure one of these gems forever. It's too bad Joyce is so jealous of your ability to delight.