daily painting titled Wheatfield and lavender, Sault

Wheatfield and lavender, Sault

22cm x 14cm (9"x6"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 5 August, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


A really beautiful painting, love it. Michelle
Gorgeous! Looks like Sonoma County in California, we don't have as much lavender, but some! Most is harvested already!
Tomorrow our family will celebrate your milestone by creating our own little JMS style paintings .... What a part of our lives you have become! You open our eyes to our world through yours. 2000 thanks.
I especially like the grass in the foreground. I'm often attracted to the buff whispy bits, then forget to put them in - so much to think about!
Utterly beautiful
Dear Julian,one of the perils of "working from home" with young children, they want your attention. Consider yourself fortunate to have Ruth to help you get headspace! Was Papa very good humoured at lunch? A lovely landscape was done and dusted after all and in peace! Anna.
A delightful lesson in composition, using light and colour. Thanks for all the lessons on what appears to be the eve of a significant anniversary (see Annette's note). Barbara
Well done Julian, this is a beautiful landscape you must be very pleased with the results. Steve