daily painting titled Clementine


14cm x 14cm (5½"x5½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 4 April, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Collateral damage? Looks like collateral enhancement to me.
You make it look easy Julian!
I imagined this to be a Clementine on the beach with waves rolling in the background...just goes to show where I'd like to be at this moment instead of my desk at work! Lovely painting, Julian! Love the color.
I wish I could plant damage like you!
the simplicity is just beautiful. I love the brushwork, it's so expressive. I would love to know if you work from natural lighting or studio lighting? and do you work from a limited palette?
beautiful painting !
Perhaps my favorite clementine painting of yours to date.
I love the fact that you are willing to reexamine the ordinary things in life...knowing each time you will see the different color notes and feel a completely new feeling even if the subject matter has been studied so many times before...lucky little clementine...
I love the movement and colours in the background. It suits the clementine perfectly.
Julian, I am thrilled to win this auction and love the painting. It will be a gift to my niece "Clementine"! Best Wishes to you and Family John
dear Julian....The painting is just wonderful,Your the best, I am trying to sign up to bid ....but alas it keep asking for my last name, and I keep giving it,but it keeps asking me again for it......as you can see I am not a computer person.......Sincerely, carol