daily painting titled Peaches


20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 28 June, 2021
Posted in Still life paintings


BEAUTIFUL (like usual) so worth the wait!
missed you..Always think COVID-19 when I don't hear from someone ..Your peaches look as delicious as the ones I'm buying from the local Farmer's market. God bless our hardworking farmers. California is opening up from a year long shut down..my husband and I and all our family have been vaccinated but we are still aware C19 is far from over.. My best to you and yours in the days ahead.
So good to have you back. You were sorely missed!
I was so happy to see your email!! I was worried and had all kinds of worst case scenarios running through my mind!! I love your paintings and look forward to seeing your emails pop up. I hope you are feeling rejuvenated after your break!!
I’m glad your back to painting and I hope you enjoyed your break!
A wonderful painting Julian. It's so good to see your art again, I've really missed your updates and new pieces, I felt lost without them.
Welcome back. I hope the absence was just for vacation. These peaches are good enough to eat!
Thanks for returning!
I echo what so many have said..I was worried; sent a contribution, hopefully to help with your time off…much needed, I am sure! So glad to see you back. You are a genius and I love receiving your paintings via emails. I learn so much each time. I hope you resume your classes as well. I want to return and bring 3 or 4 friends! Best of luck to you, Nancy
Golly, just great to see you back. Peaches and cream!
Hi Julian , very good to see you back posting your beautiful work.Thank you and I would echo the sentiment "glad it is not covid related" Craig