daily painting titled Road past Les Fougassets, winter

Road past Les Fougassets, winter

19cm x 13cm (7½"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 22 December, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Hey Julian Merry Christmas and your not alone when it comes to white Christmas, Over here in Yuma Arizona it's illeagal to rain or snow but the weather is nice so I can't complain. Beautiful painting by the way.

You've done it again!
Cool, warm, sweet.


Merry christmas to you both-the winter light and color here is so true and fine.

You really captured the colors and mood of winter perfectly. You are so good...

Julian, a beautiful Christmas painting. Thank you so much for another year of beauty and surprises almost every single day! All the best to you and Ruth for a bountiful and joyous New Year.

beautiful landscape!

Hi Julian I hope that you and Ruth have a very happy and peaceful holiday. For me the winter solstice is the first day of spring as the light will soon return. Here in Toronto it may be cold, but by the end of January it will be light at 6pm. Even now the light is longer.
In this painting I think you have more snow than we do. We only have a dusting at present. I see spring in this painting; the potential is there in the gold of the foliage, in the soft pink in the sky and in the trees on the right that will burst into bloom sooner than we think.
Finally, thank you for the paintings. Every day that they are posted a painting comes into view that gives me pleasure and something to think about. It influences how I look at the world, films (my area of specialty), art and my own photography.
In this season of celebration, enjoy the fireplace in your kitchen with Ruth, your new studio, the area surrounding your home and all the French food and wine we see in your paintings.
Finally I wish all who view your site and comment and both of you Peace and Good Health. Barbara M. Toronto, Canada

We're confused -- wanted to bid on this but although it is not yet the indicated closing time of 4 PM EST on 12/23 as I write, the painting is already sold -- apparently on the 22nd. ???

It has really been fun watching the weather change through your vision...and it looks like you are really enjoying the "shifting light" of winter...long blue shadows on the snow...I love these! Have a wonderful Christmas...and Happiest of New Years!

A beautiful piece, Julian. I hope you and yours have a peaceful Christmas and a creative year to come.

We've reveled in the snowy trifecta of the past few days and anticipate more wonderful internet viewing to finish up this year and much more in the next. Merry Christmas and good health, Julian and Ruth. Thank you.

These beautiful paintings of the icy cold snow look so inviting as on Christmas Eve we are sweltering here in Melbourne, Australia with 39 degrees celcius! I too want to thank you Julian for another year of 'beauty and surprises'. I wonder if you realise just how much beauty and happiness your paintings bring to all of us who view your work? I wish you both a wonderful Christmas and fufilling year ahead. God's blessings and Merry Christmas to all.

Your paintings are a bit like getting and opening a present every single day of the year - always surprise and joy ! Done it again !

Happy Juletide to you both.

regards. Von

Merry Christmas to you, Ruth and Julian and to all your devoted admirers and commentators.
From a life member who learns so much of you, Master " JMS ".

another nice present opened today...to find alain's name back on the list of your admirers, julian, along with the card from my son that i am to receive yr book of paintings....can hardly wait. happy new year to all. gfs

Espero que leas espa�ol y me entiendas.Antes que nada feliz navidad y que el 2010 sea pleno de felicidad y de produccion pictorica, la que admiro toalmente yanque soy un diario visitante de tu pagina.
Ademas pinto y tus acertadas pinceladas de luz me inspiran y me ense�as a diario.
Puedes ver mis pinturas en www.fotolog.com/ropiriz. Un afectuoso saludo, Rodolfo