daily painting titled Path to the herb garden, la Madelene #3

Path to the herb garden, la Madelene #3

13cm x20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 6 July, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


A masterpiece worthy of Monet or Sargent.Red and blue dots of color are divine.In the distance, a glowing stained glass effect. We are in the freshness...at last!
This is getting better, although the first two were beautiful, I am taken by the delicate greens in this version. I can feel the moisture in the color, thank you for going out there and the beauty you uncover in your journeys
I love this, especially the red against the various shades of green leading the eye out to the sunlit path.
They just keep getting better. You've got this one figured out. What a nice scene with rich color, textures, and a little mystery.
I recognise that archway! Hello you two, and I have nothing but wonderful memories of my week in Provence. Had supper with Clive two nights ago, and we both send loads of love....!!!! x
I love this one, the light is amazing! I do like seeing you lovely paintings pop up in my inbox each day, thank you for making it possible, Kind Regards, Sally
Beautiful...Beautiful!!! You've been having Hot weather. Wish you could be out here in California where I am. I look to the right from my balcony, Isee the rim of the Pacific Ocean, then to my left are the barren hills (will be green by Oct.). We have deer and turkeys roaming the property. So much to see for this old 91 yr. old. And I love your pictures every day.!!!
Oh my gosh!!! I just LOVE this!! The beautiful contrast you create when painting the cool refreshing shadows with patches of sunlight. Love the depth you create as well; the way you invite the viewer in and love (yes, I've used the word a lot!) the beautiful blues and reds against the variety of leaf shapes. Superb painting! I'm so jealous of your talent!
LOVE the detail in this one! SO lovely....
Workshop swimming pool paintings!!
Been there, saw that, didn't paint it but took a photo. Lovely version, Julian! Looking forward to seeing Steph and Mike in Lenox, Mass. next month and wish you were here.
Oh my gosh!! I felt like I was there. We have a similar path in our garden and we can hear the ocean. This is a wonderful painting. Tina
What a wonderful path. I don't know where it's going, but I'll take it all the way. Elinor
It's a knock-out! Superb contrast of light and dark. Is that an oleander at the archway?
Dear Julian, this the third version of "the Path..." has progressed to even more depth, richness and scent of high summer. With a few expressive marks the foreground is perfectly captured with a little touch of scarlet lifting the greens. My eye travels through the midnight green arch, drawn by the magic of the sunlit realm beyond. A highly symbolic painting. It is as if winter never was! This evocative painting is a poem to summer!
Stunning. Your use of the light tones against darker ones is superb. Certainly one of your best. If I had painted it ( I wish) I would be loathed to part with it. Masterly.
I have delighted to take inspiration from your paintings. This is one of the most beautiful little paintings you have posted. The combinations of reflected and transmitted light in the foreground foliage and that gem of a bright red flower completes a wonderful painting that is so strong in tonal control. So thank you for the posting!