daily painting titled Pear


20cm x 18cm (8"x7"), oil on Masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 15 December, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Better hurry....looks like it's almost a goner. Nice piece.

There's a lesson in reds and greens in this lovely little pear now given its bit of painted immortality.
Hope it makes a nice breakfast tomorrow.

a little bit of beauty that made my day

I love the pear's pose and the unusual background for it. The subtle blue-gray sets off the red-orange pear so well. Very nice!


It occurs to me, Julian, that what we're seeing in these beautiful paintings of fruits and vegetables are the "executioner's portraits"--a last look at their delicate beauty, before they are juiced, strained, peeled or otherwise prepared to be gobbled.

Well I don't blame you--this pear looks luscious. Wonderful light.

Wonderful Julian!
The "skyline",behind the pear is by itself,worthy of a whole chapter of a book because,in a way,that tells the history of modern art.

Gorgeous. Love the abstract qualities.

What beautiful beautiful colours Julian. Pleeeeease make a print of this, I can't go to the auction :-(