daily painting titled Garlic cloves and Sabatier

Garlic cloves and Sabatier

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 31 January, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


Well done Julian!!! What wonderful news. Love this painting, all my knives are Sabatier, carbon. Have one just like the one in your painting. I travel with one knife and always my knife sharpener, in case I have do help in someone's kitchen. Jessie P.S. Let me know if you ever have just a still life workshop, maybe in the dead of winter when airfares are cheap?
Congrats Julian! That's wonderful!
The papery-ness of the garlics, the character and roughness of the wood, the intriguing depth and rich glow of mahogany red, the glimpse of that lovely cup... sigh... I could gaze at this for hours. Thank you, Julian, for your generosity in sharing your work.
Nice one! Very...indeed! It seems from the article that (apart from antique ink bottles) there is a very large world of deserts for you to explore. If you do embark, please keep them away from Ruth!
Excellent. Good view point!
I think Manet would have been delighted to share space with you in the ArtReview.
Your best so far this year Julian. It's delicious, wish I could afford to bid for it but funds needed elsewhere at present.
Just beautiful!
Dear Julian, congratulations!!Chardin like, well, I always thought so. Looking at Friday's brilliant painting, it's almost pungent with garlic,the sharp blade of the Sabatier in focus, ready and waiting to slice, chop! The well worn wood turning a greyish ochre here and there as wood tends to do when put to daily use. How things have looked up since that "other" week. Anna.
Like Caroline Greene said, I could look at this for hours, too. This has to be your best painting ..... ever! Thank you, Julian.
This painting is fabulous. I like the multitude of items, and the knife going into the picture. You seem to be getting even more colorful and sure in your works. It is wonderful to hear about your recognition - congratulations!
A wonderful masterpiece.