daily painting titled Clementine and Delft vase

Clementine and Delft vase

13cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 30 October, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Beautiful Julian!
Rich and beautiful - I love the composition and the deep orange against the blue.
Very beautiful Julian, loved the shadows, the greys, blues and subtle orange. Please do a painting of when you open up the clementine and its pieces of orange peels fall beside it. cheers, georgia
Very pretty! I have been lurking your blog for a while, i love how your paintings glow!
I love receiving Postcard from Provence; it delights my day. I am curious about something. Do you ever paint the background of your still lifes in bright colours? So many of you paintings seem to be in dark colours.
Not only am I pleased to see the clementines back as a painting subject but I am equally please to see the vase.
Judging from above, my reception is poor. What I saw was an unwanted distraction of the two lights on the glass bottle from the rest of the painting. Is that really where you want us to go? I have been doing business work, have more to do on my PC, but decided to treat myself to you as a reward before closing for the day. Thank you for this daily treat. XO Carol
very beautiful!