daily painting titled Modene


18 x 12 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 25 February, 2006
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dear julian, thank you very much for including the measurements of your paintings in inches. it is a joy every morning to wake up to your paintings. although someone always wakes up earlier than me and gets to buy them before i can. thanks again. lorraine

it would be good if one's payment data could be saved/stored so it would not be necessary to enter it for each purchase--thank you. I love your site, and your work!

I love this site and your work and I hope to one day own at least one one day, sooner than later. Susan Rolfs

Oh rats! just the one I wanted,too bad I did not check at 7am.From now on I will.Please do a sister,thanks,Sara

I love the way the light comes over the wall and illuminates the houses across the lane, and the way the blue shutters light up--just the way I remember the little towns I have visited.