daily painting titled Violets in silver foil

Violets in silver foil

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 28 March, 2015
Posted in Flower paintings


Nice job, Julian.
Love this. Just beautiful.
Absolutely charming-- They happen to be the state flower of Rhode Island USA -- where I live -- thanks for sharing them.
Could you paint them or a new bunch, julian. My very favorite flowers. So delicate.....
Looks like Louis had a hand in this.
Superb !
A miracle of beauty.
Dear Julian,from chunky metal scraper to the delicate beauty of wild violets, very exiting.The stalks,the leaves and the fragile flower petals, the roots wrapped in shimmering foil,perfectly captured. How is the Painters Potager,waking up?
Hi Anna, I'm afraid the potager has been officially abandoned this year after three years of semi neglect. As someone so kindly said when I was stressing out about it, Louis is our garden now and I shall concentrate on having a few beautiful and tasty morsels on the terrace for the moment....maybe one day it will reappear.
Absolutely exquisite! When I was a girl, each Spring, I would pick a bunch of violets for my mother. The path on my way home from school went through an area of trees that offered shade for wild things to grow. A favorite memory right here before my eyes. Thank you so much.