daily painting titled Still Life with Asparagus, Olive Oil, Egg, and Green Bowl

Still Life with Asparagus, Olive Oil, Egg, and Green Bowl

12.5cm x 20cm (5"x7¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 8 April, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Need I even say a word? :-) This Székely woman living in NH is very happy with your gorgeous still lives, that's for sure. Köszönöm szépen Julian.
Mmmmm, looks like lunch !
What I most like is the reflection of the egg on the bottle. Details like this can make a painting perfect.
Julian You are the bard of the balanced mediterranean diet Of a healthy life and quiet You ceaselessly marvel at Nature With the "innocent" eyes of an artist Genuine And we follow you Completely amazed!
Beautiful, beautiful painting, Julian! I love that green bowl...and, Alain, I just adore you! Your comments make me smile.
Thank you so much, Merilee. Julian is a " mood enhancer". I don't forget your comments too. For instance, about "Mirabelles" ( August 27 2005) or " Autumn on the Sorgues" ( September 26 2005 ): delicious!
Wow, Alain! You really keep track of comments! I have been enjoying Julian's paintings for a very long time now. I used to comment almost daily, but I restrain myself now as I don't want to be a comment hog. Julian is a superb artist, a real master and I admire him greatly. He has gathered a wonderful family of fans and I really enjoy seeing each painting and reading all the comments, and, yours are always special. All my best to you, Alain!
Julian, When I saw this I immediately thought of Manet's Bunch of Asparagus. Beautifully done! And Alain, I also enjoy your comments.
Merilee and Alain, I wouldn't haven't missed this this little reunion of you two at lunch on the Le Sorges, with asparagus and wine, wondering beyond that hole, with more wine, Julian lying languidly amongst the food and very noisy musings, just having almost finished yet another masterpiece,maybe, and Ruth, Ruth, with her magic bow, bringing it all together for us, daily... Something very fine is and has been going on here........