daily painting titled Barleyfield at Sault

Barleyfield at Sault

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 28 July, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


I've just been thinking about size as it relates to two dimensional art. This painting could easily be wall-size. In fact, it's hard to believe it's really postcard size instead. I now have your book. It was so worth the wait.
I was thinking the same thing. Either the weather must be terrible where you live, or you have given up going outside. Thank you for another beautiful landscape. By the way, I received your book recently. The full-sized reproductions are wonderful. The book (and your web site, and your paintings) is very inspirational to me.
julian, i wish you could have heard my intake of breath upon seeing the golden field....and especially after all the still lives.....such a lovely surprise.many thanks. gfs
Well I can see your done painting wonderful fiber......great job on "Barleyfield" Pleasant day to you! Alexi
Your work is so beautiful! Just ordered your book so I can take more of it in! Thanks.
I can add to Graces Gasp - and you've given us the little stream so we can slake our thirst on this so brilliant summer day.
Sizzling effects: twinkling clouds,fragmented outlines of the woodsy hill and trees, echoing with the sizzling white dots in the foreground. Essential the segment of violet-blue road, with its tender green side, singing in unison with the warm field.At last, the "low-neckline" of yellow light field above the road, silently "talking" with the unhurried fleecy clouds.This painting reminds me in a way of the blurry "redness" of some Constable's landscapes.
Actually it's a lavender field not a road or a stream
Dear Julian, What a beautiful and charming painting, full of glorious color and light !! It GLOWS with the beauty of LIFE !!!!! I am still waiting for a 'special' time to open your book, which I have received. I am going to wait until my daughter and her family return from a trip to the French country side. They are vacationing in Cote Atlantic with her husband's family. Thank you for all of the beauty you have shared with us. I look for your paintings every day. You cannot imagine what joy they bring me !!!!!