daily painting titled The road down to Modene

The road down to Modene

16cm x12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 4 April, 2006
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Simply lovely.

I really like this one, Julian. Are those olive trees? I like looking at your landscapes. I am taking myself on a painting trip next week to Death Valley and the outskirts around Las Vegas to paint the desert. I love the desert. Your paintings are inspiring me and I am going to do lots of small studies like you do, planning then to enlarge them in the studio later. Do you ever do larger landscapes off of your small studies? Just wondering...thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful. What a gorgeous day it must have been!

This is beautiful.

Breathtaking. I quite literally gasped as it unfolded on my screen.

lovely light! Very beautiful Julian....

I literally clicked on this landscape the second it came in and it was sold. How does one buy a painting?

Wow. This is beautiful.

Your past few landscapes are so wonderful... they're practically edible. Beautiful day in France!
By time it got to me, not only sold but already 8 comments... what to do?

Is there any chance you might sell prints of these small wonders?

Yes Merilee they are olive trees and good for you

Prints: Gerry I am not going to do everything as prints although they maybe available in another form like a book or folio, still working on ideas. Hope to have a print a week or so though but need to be careful with images that work well in that form.

Carla it stopped raining, have you taken it with you to HK?

This makes me want to book a trip to Provence today!

This is another beautiful one. Like everyone else, I hope that one of these days I can click on fast enough to purchase one :}