daily painting titled Mirabelles


Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 27 August, 2005
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This painting is delicious. I particularly like the slice of red-orange from the rubber gasket around the lid cutting through the dirty maroon background color. This I find very exciting along with the shattered light streaming down the sides of the glass like water. My eye is constantly engaged with this. Very exciting, and lovely, dirty colors. I also find that my eye is wondering what might emerge out of the darkness on the right side of the painting, as there may be something lurking there. I find this intriguing. Very lovely. Say, did you recieve my email yesterday about the iris painting? Please let me know about that. I think you should paint some pomegratates next. They are great fun, especially when cracked open.

ditto merilee. yes, it is deliciously murky and lurky isn't it. Julian painted two pomegranates for our wedding invitation and they were much appreciated, especially by me! (the groom was more modest about them of course!)