daily painting titled Two Little Red Peppers

Two Little Red Peppers

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Thursday 28 July, 2005
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Hello Julian, As a painter myself, I am interested in your working methods. Do you really complete a painting a day? Or do go back to them and modify the colours when the painting is dry? I ask this because I find I need at least two bashes at a picture to deepen the tones and correct colours that have bled into eachother and generally tidy the picture up. Also, when are you going to add to A Painters Journal? Keep up the good work.
Hi Dennis, yes I do do it all in a single session. I find it a useful discipline, if the painting doesn't work out it either gets wiped or binned depending on the stage it's at. Re; have just been to busy moving studios and working on commissions but hope to spend more time on it over the autumn/winter.