daily painting titled Roscoff onions

Roscoff onions

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 26 November, 2018
Posted in Still life paintings


Absolutely stunning!
Dear Julian, Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. I have been receiving your emails for many years now, after a recommendation from my art teacher. Although I have moved onto pottery, the emails with your paintings still inspire me. In fact they are a special little joy every morning, not only for the paintings, which I love to examine and discuss with myself, but also for the wonderful personal comments you pass on. There are times when we are about to travel to Europe and one of your emails come through and you will comment on the weather. I say to my husband, Julian says it is cold and windy, maybe we should pack another jacket. Then there are the comments about your family, or the workshops. It is like receiving a note from a friend. Sending these emails with their considered notes would take quite al lot of your time, on top of the painting, the workshops, family and life. For me they are a little jewel and I am grateful for them. Sometimes I leave them there to look at for days as they bring a smile to my day. Thank you Julian, from as stranger on the other side of the world. Warm regards Judith
Just marvelous! Just made French onion soup for 50 people. Your onions struck a chord. Wish I had the funds for it. :-( Leslie
These are the most splendid red onions ever painted!
You do it everytme, beautiful onions, thanks. LaWanda
I have been receiving your emails for some years and have shared your web address with many. I look forward to the daily posts. Your paintings are brilliant, most of your subjects could be plucked from the page they are so realistic. My husband and I have travelled your beautiful country by car a couple of years ago and we were astonished to see the varieties of onions on sale in the markets . We only have two varieties in New Zealand, red and white. Today's painting is genius. Thank you for sharing Julian. Sincerely, Shirley
Very nice, Julian. We were sorting through old photos tonight and came across many happy ones from the May 2015 workshop.... a life changer for Dean... we'll be in St. Remy for a week in early May, will be seeing Emily Durant, perhaps we can arrange to say hello if you aren't knee-deep n a workshop. Love to you and Ruth... and that beautiful son of yours, growing up so fast! With aloha, Tad
Thank you Julian for sending me year after year your beautiful paintings.. I am a painter of Curacao Willemstad..i paint historic monuments of Curacao... Thank you for inspiring me always Corinne Boye Curacao , Willemstad
Thank you Julian! A beautiful painting and a wonderful story thanks for all you do, it is so much fun to keep track of your paintings and your life story! Peyton in Key West Florida.
I always enjoy opening your emails to see what you have painted over the years and have passed this on to friends as well. Thank you very much.
This has to be the best onion painting I have ever seen.
Julian, your paintings bring forth such beauty there is in everything around us. The peelings in these onions are just amazing. You are an inspiration and true gift! Regards, Francis
Julian, I am a long time admirer of your paintings. These onions almost make me cry with joy, they are so painterly, words cannot describe how good they are. You have a fantastic artistic spirit, long may it continue. Many thanks for your continuing inspiration. Kind regards, Graham Lomas