daily painting titled Morning on the Sorgues

Morning on the Sorgues

18cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 9 August, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Your clarity of vision hurts my sensibilities. I schooled with you but I think that you were learning so much more than me. Advice: Keep painting.
Now that is just absolutely beautiful! Water is not easy to paint at all. Saw a John Singer Sargent painting of a mountain stream in the Queensland Art Gallery a few weeks ago at the American exhibition there, on loan from The Met. Absolutely amazing. Very loose close up, but very impressive/realistic at a distance. Mesmerising. I think this is in a similar class!!
Heavenly. Miraculous water. Teeming with life. Wriggling. Delightful moment, so clear so calm and...peppy ! Feeling of musicality. Maybe Mozart's soul is playing " a little night music " on the piano, just behind the tufted trees. Even the white-hot sun, joyous, seems to gladden hearts. O " Que notre terre est belle ! ". Thank you Julian.
Just want to comment how much I enjoy and appreciate your commentary, poetry, on Julian's work. You two should collaborate on a book: Julian's art, your insightful prose. Thank you both. Alana
This is a really good painting!
Thank you Alana. That is very kind of you. But unfortunately, I am not a professional writer. I have never written anything before the "accidental (?)" discovery of Julian's work. That mysteriously gave me this need of writing, almost each day, but absolutely with no ulterior motive; spontaneously, in an extempore way. Magic power of an artist who allows us to get through to others too. I think Julian is essential to us.
Now this is very nice.
Julian, you simply outdid yourself with this one! The water is stunning. www.doncokerart.com/blog
This is just SO lovely ! tranquility - how we all crave it, calms the soul - thanks Julian
I was thinking this year that i might like to swim in a river; this one looks perfect if one could swim in it. Or I could just sit in it an contemplate the peaceful surrounding that you have rendered in this image. Thanks Julian for delighting us with these artful paintings. Thanks also to those who comment. They often point me to something I did not see in Julian's paintings.
Alain, you too are now essential after 'angels wings drying on the roof' of Julian little house beside the road earlier this summer and the oh so juicy love tomatoes. Aren't we so grateful to Julian for awakening all of us to us. Ruth included of course.......
I love your paintings of the Sorgues. Would you consider making this one [morning on the Sorgues]into a print?