daily painting titled Three Figs

Three Figs

16cm x 15cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 16 August, 2006
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exceptionnel! so rich in colors - a velvety feast

I would like to buy this painting (three figs) but I am not sure what to do next.

Oh Julian... these are THE BEST and I don't think I've seen figs before in your stilllives...
Annie: Hope you are reading this. Have your email open and your cursor over the underlined "comment" section. As soon as your computer clock says it's 4pm on the east coast, open that file and click on the purchase option... it will not be there until the appointed time... follow directions for purchase. You will get the hang of it easily, but it takes time to actually get a purchase. There are a zillion people trying to purchase each of these gems every day... from one who knows....

Nice painting Julian. Rich colours. You have an uncanny ability to make shiny things shiny and unshiny things matte.

Oh this is so beautiful. Deeply sensual. Like the peach.

Julian you've got the Chardin touch in this one!