daily painting titled Still life with melon slice and confit pot

Still life with melon slice and confit pot

20cm x 14cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 21 July, 2010
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I got a wonderful phone message from my sister after she received a copy of your book in thanks for my lovely visit with them in May. She was particularly delighted because the painting of strawberries I won at auction and gave her for her 60th birthday was featured in the book. It gave me great pleasure to see it framed and hanging in their home when I arrived for my stay. Now I must order my own copy. Thank you.
A brilliant clash of textures! Bravo!
Hello Julian, I initially got your site from my father Samir Tabet. I have been trying to connect to the auction site but it seems that my ID and password are being rejected. Please advise best way of solving this. Looking forward to your feedback and the chance to purchase some of your beautiful paintings. Thanks and Regards
You just missed out the confirmation email step Cheriff, you should be able to access it now, I've manually confirmed your email address.
What a whistlerian seascape on the pot behind a grey ochred windowsill; then,the green ocean circularly going as far as the thin outer layer of the melon.And the waves... -No no no" my own voice inside suddenly says," this is merely...a still life!" "merely", one word too many.
I got my book!! Of course, it's wonderful. I do so want to paint like that!
Julian, My book arrived this morning. I am so excited. Won't be able to open it until tomorrow. But what joy. Tomorrow it will be my quiet house and long hours of Provence through you and with you. Many thanks, Elinor
excelent painting!
Julian: Wow! Almost as lovely as the figs and confit pot! Keep em coming!