daily painting titled Le Pont St.-Benezet (le Pont d'Avignon)

Le Pont St.-Benezet (le Pont d'Avignon)

13cm x 16cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 9 January, 2007
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I want it

This is a really beautiful painting....I feel like I'm there.....

I'm in awe of your work!

dance with me.....

Best of water & land in a long time... congratulations on it.. want it badly! D

Julian, this is a really wonderful painting!!! I love the composition. Really strong and structural. I think it's just beautiful!

this is an enormous painting in such a small package...amazing.

Michael Wilbur... you lucky lucky person. I will trade you two postcards for this one... have a bunch. DHLL1117@aol.com Hope to hear from you. D

I can't seem to delete this email/painting. There is something very special here. I see that others agree with me. I wish I had painted it. Sincerely,