daily painting titled Daffodils in a jar

Daffodils in a jar

13cm x 19cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 4 March, 2011
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Julian, They're not up here yet--just the green shoots, waiting to be struck down by another freeze....but I bought some from the greengrocer to cheer us and get us through the rest of winter here, which will last at least through mid-April. At 2 bunches for $5, it's a lot of cheer for a little money. Yours are lovely. Katherine
These are just lovely and one of your best paintings in my eyes. Your paintings always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing. Mary
Thank you for the daffodils. Spring is in the air!
Ah, Julian, this one warmed my heart. My granddaughters picked bouquets of daffodils today in Georgia USA. I will show them how an artist paints them. Thank you.
Really lovely Julian! Just what the doctor ordered in the midst of winter!
They look like the beautiful 'tete a tete' daffodils I have in my garden in Spring. Just coming into Autumn here down under.
My daffodils have just begun to venture out of the ground and considering the winter we here in Ohio have been suffering through since Nov 24 I admire their courage and optimism. In another mouth I will attempt to paint some in a jar as you have with the courage and optimism that it will be 1/2 as good as yours. I am reading your book and will have an Amazon review in a couple of days. Its great so far and I have gotten a lot of great ideas and tips not to mention the wonderful illustrations that almost smell like paint!
they are just daffodils but somehow you have made them quite unique. beautiful work Julian!
I love this!! I have a similar jar on my kitchen windowsill. Reminds me that of our collective, small traditions.
I have just caught up with your wonderful and inspiring paintings having been in bed with akidney infection. They helpme to feel human again and can,t wait to get back to painting anything even remotely acceptable. you truly inspire.Thank you. Pam