daily painting titled Clementines in a Bowl

Clementines in a Bowl

12cm x 15cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 24 October, 2007
Posted in Still life paintings


Just beautiful....I can just sit and gaze at this painting and find more and more to see..and feel...thank you...Paula
Just exquisite. Sumptuous. An absolute feast. The light of Venise, it shines upon your clementines, reflects and amplifies...wonderful.
Exquisite and lush. I love this painting. Thank you, Julian.
Julian, It had been a dreary, dark rainy day here in Maryland until I opened this page. Wow. Thank you for the bright and orangy everythingness of this little masterpiece. It makes me want to paint right now. Shimmery highlights to inspire us mere mortal painters.
Well, I looked at your beautiful Venice paintings for several days and got used to the blue waters, and when I opened this one today, the orange jumped out, off the page, saying "wake up, wake up." You're full of surprises.
I like those bright colors of those oranges and the roundness,then the rough stems in the center. They are so full and surprising! What a combination --a play of those opposites you know I love. Thank you DK
Just got back to San Diego after being evacuated for three days! What a joy to open up your most recent works. Thank goodness life goes on!
How brilliant! I can almost feel the smooth, soft rind of the clementines. How wonderful it is to 'visually feel' an object. The painting is just lovely. Harriet
This is gorgeous. I look every day and this one just zings. Jo
As I love bowls, clementines, orange and light, you could not miss with this one Julian.