daily painting titled Cherries on a Spanish Plate

Cherries on a Spanish Plate

18cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 30 June, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


best cherries, I think, that you have done--glowing luminous deep deep red against the pure white of the bowl just extraordinary. the seven crazy stems also very cool. I'll take cherries any time over apricots but Alain, I took your advice, bought a small crate at Costco, let 'em ripen and they were pretty damn good. thanks.
Have you seen Hockneys joined up giant landscape projects showing the seasons in Yorkshire? They featured on BBC1 tonight. If not, with your highspeed internet link find them now at bbc-imagine- They have an echo with your ideas...painting wonderful stuff
I agree with you Eric! This still life is stunning, both simple and sophisticated! In addition I feel your thoughts are those of an enthusiast man. Regarding cherries and apricots, don't you think apricots are more sensuous and cherries more mischievous in the mouth?
I just bought a big bag of cherries, and plan to do some painting of them before the eating of them. Great inspiration!
alain, not only do i appreciate your poetic critiques o f julian's paintings; now i can enjoy (and agree with) your critiques of food. thank you both. gfs
Julian-I already own one of your small cherry paintings which I love, but this one is really special. I wonder if one can ever be too rich, too thin, or have too many cherry paintings?
mischievous vs. sensuous--maybe, but I just think cherries taste better. thanks as usual Alain for the double delight every day.
Hi Julian I love the shapes in this painting (who could not love the colours/); Triangles and circles or parts of them. I also had fun trying to find all the cherries. As for fruit, I am an apricot lover, but I think I might try a combination of both.
Postscript from BM: A ? rather than/. I was thinking of shapes obviously.
By a stroke of luck, Julian has painted here a variety of cherries("Burlat"?)so close to the softness of mature apricots.Softness which takes me back my childhood...Mum and dad,my little brother, fun fairs and... marshmallows!
good day..I had to respond and say I had the opportunity to see the turner/hockney exhibit in london a while ago. it was beyond wonderful. there were hockney landscapes on view. stupendous! many years ago I went to maidstone college of art in kent england and david hockney was one of my teachers. he has given us all so much over the years!