daily painting titled Three lemons

Three lemons

19cm x 10cm (7½"x4"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 7 February, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


It's small, and it made me smile.
Very sunny!
.... but perfectly formed. Love the light.
Each lemon bears within itself a seascape under a rising sun very early in the morning. But... but,are the lemons deeply aware of the magical seeds they contain? O William Shakespeare,where are you? Sir,you are the only one who is able to answer. Suddenly I heard an unknown voice that whispered: "Everything is in everything else, mister". Then,I was filled,despite myself,with an intense feeling of completeness,of artistic creation. I blissfully smiled like an Angel.
Alain - welcome back!
With a snowstorm outside, the sunny lemons and Alain's comments were very welcome.
Yes, welcome back Alain. Have been missing your musings on Julian's work.