daily painting titled Summer fruits

Summer fruits

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 14 September, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Love your paintings. Please throw that turquoise out the window.
I love the pyjamas. They make the simple fruits more exotic. I can't wait for the return of the figs.
love this
This is really lovely and keep the pj's!
Very cool Julian!Love the whole story behind today's painting :)
You have proven once again that perfection is not always the most interesting or the most beautiful!
Andre. But I LIKE the turquoise. I think it really makes the painting "jump about," gives it "oomph."
The pyjama saga is making me chuckle. I'm wondering what you'll find next as a backdrop for your delicious still lifes?!