daily painting titled White sands

White sands

20cm x 12, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 14 March, 2014
Posted in Marine paintings


Beautiful paintings from your travels, Julian, just beautiful. Jessie
How on earth did you create the perfect blue at the top of your sky? limitless depth...amazing.
Wow. Just gazing at that horizon blue
I have noticed that you aren't doing still lives recently. any reason? thanks1
Just lovely, Julian. If this was mine, I think I'd title it: "Visual Valium"!! It's absolutely beautiful.
Hello Julian It's all just M.F. (Mit Feeling)a family, friendly saying. Hold onto the still-lifes for awhile, more scenic helps soothe the soul. Though still love still-lifes..
Dear Julian, what a vision! And it exists on our beautiful planet, healing us, filling us with awe! Oh, the shimmering blue sky and water, pure white sands, love the playful cotton wool clouds. Anna.
So warm and soo cool. This topped all the others from your trip--tho they were all quite beautiful. But here you are abstract expressionist and realistic painter in one! Bravo.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this *smile*