daily painting titled Path through the herb garden

Path through the herb garden

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 4 October, 2016
Posted in Landscape paintings


Julian this looks like a magical place and I enjoy the way the light is cast across the pathway and vegetation Thanks for sharing this with us, a great painting and I'm sure that your course artists have and are enjoying their time with you.
I remember this spot from last year. It's fairyland.
Beautiful! The warm sunlight in the background just beckons one through the shadowed archway. Skillfully done!
One of the loveliest I've ever seen--the warmth embraced me and put a smile on my face. Wonderful.
That path to the herb garden is always beautiful.
Path through the herb garden is mesmerizing making me want to walk that path smelling the aromas of the herbs as some release their oils when I step on them. Rosemary just slightly squeezed stays on your fingertips as an all day memory.