daily painting titled Above Saint Estêve

Above Saint Estêve

20cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 8"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 25 August, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Love the feeling of a summer's day tinged with the first, ever so subtle, hints of Autumn.

Just when I thought I couldn?t be more envious of anyone: South of France; vines; sun; a painter?s life ? you go and throw a quartet into the mix! What are you trying to do to me? Wonderful as always.

to be a little mouse under the vines near
the house of music would be delightful

All the creative arts united!!!!
Just loving it.....

I really admire this painting: it's far more complex than it first appears. I love the subtlety of the composition and the way the slash of light catches the lower roof.