daily painting titled Pierreavon


17cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 4 October, 2006
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One of your most stunning landscapes. Incredible.

remember when we voted for our favorites recently? i think that was your idea merilee...well i have a new one! corot would be very pleased.

no purchase button available although no purchaser is listed yet. How does one purchase in such a situation?

No, wasn't my idea, although it was a good one. I agree, blg, Corot would be pleased. This is a lovely, lovely landscape. Sort of reminds me of the Santa Monica Mountains out here in Calabasas where I live. I feel at home with this one.

You are one of my favorite painters! I wrote some positive comments about you in my blog today.

I can see how this one reminds Merilee of the Santa Monica mountains. It has a 'big sky' early Californian feel about it. A touch of Arthur Mathews and those hot american horizons. Nice work Julian.

The sky looks like blue silk and it is mine!

Oh, Maria- bad form to gloat.

Oh, pooh! - enjoy your painting, Maria.

I offered to purchased a painting last week, along with several other people, I never heard back. If we are first in line to purchase, which I was not, do you notify us and then we forward the credit card number? Is the site secure for credit card purchases or do you prefer a check.

I did not mean to gloat, I am just very happy!

Great work! love the idea.
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Still learning this online sales thing... fun!