daily painting titled Clouds


16cm x 14cm (6¼"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 31 March, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


When I opened this email...this painting took my breath away. You are SO good....you are a modern master in my mind. Thank you for sharing your work with the world.
Where have you BEEN??? You have been sorely missed. Hope all is well. We (fans all over the world, it seems) had hoped for a little "package" to be delivered from Mali....This gorgeous painting has more than appeased us all! LOL from JOL
Fleeting impression...As if I was looking out the window of a train at top speed. And under this wide sky whose the clouds are falling over each other, I am wondering... -One says life is a journey... O no! I say no! So just like these clouds in the upper left looking like a white bull in a rage, I am rebelling and rushing towards my destiny! No time to waste! Fortunately the golden Hint in the lower right and being reflected in the clouds watches over me like a warm light full of hope. Suddenly I feel pacified.
I was driving to work this morning wondering how one would paint the low clouds receding into the distance and this evening...here it is...perfect. Surprised by how disappointed I am not to see a shiftinglight email some evenings and how much it cheers me up when one does arrive. I look forward to the next....
Geez, you nailed that one, Julian!! Excellent work!
Via the artist's brushtrokes, these clouds look like they are having fun. They aren't just floating by, but interacting with one another. They are dancers in the sky. Thanks for the fun, Julian
wow!after hearing from you again and WOW! after seeing your fantastic spring sky. so good to have you back. thank you, julian. gfs
This is so expressive and joyful and gorgeous -- it looks like you're moving into abstraction a bit -- I LOVE it!!
agree with joanne, love when you let loose and go for the zaniness of the brushwork to tell us what you feel.
agree with joanne. love to see you let loose with the zaniness of the brushwork to let us know how you really feel.
What an exuberant sky-scape! Wonderful color and such a satisfyingly minimal emphasis on the land.
Happy Easter to Ruth and you.
happy easter to you and your family.