daily painting titled Le Panthéon, Morning

Le Panthéon, Morning

20cm x 15cm (8"x6"), oil on masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 21 April, 2009
Posted in Paintings of Paris


I was hoping you would do a Paris street scene and this one is lovely. The city looks so fresh in the morning.
Not too shaby, at all :-)
I meant 'shabby', of course... Interesting that you left the sky white, Julian. Any reason for that? Maybe it's the colours on my laptop... :-)
I'm workimg on a laptop screen here but the sky should be yellowish.
Gustave Caillebotte/Julian Merrow Smith--urban impressionists. This is really spectular, right down to the cool little green garbage recepticle hanging on the poll. Man, you can paint anything. Sky definitely looks creamy yellow on this computer.
Julian, Bravo! In response to some other comments I think the computer varies the sky color somewhat. I dont see it as white. There is defintely a warm undertone to it especially at the Horizon. Defintely makes me want to go to Paris. Arnie
I second Eric's comment - you are definitely channeling Caillebotte, but with a Julianesque warmth. Sky is creamy-gray on my Dell monitor.
Beautiful! On my monitor the sky has tints of purple with the pale yellow. But then I haven't calibrated my monitor in a while.
A wide range of warm grey, cool grey colours; And the translucent baby pink in the lamp. Spots of bright green blue and red bringing to life like Corot did it so well. And above all, I especially like the street lamp which seems to be dead drunk! Well I intimately know "him": "he" took to drink at an early age...
John Singer Sargent!
I've walked on this street so this painting brings back pleasant memories of Paris. The light there is very tricky as I have found in my photographs. It is a soft light sometimes as it is here and at other times it is briliantly clear. It's hard to know what causes this kind of light, (proximity to the river, perhaps) but it is a challenge for me to capture the image I want.
It should be brilliantly! B.
It's amazing what becomes the disussion point of a painting. There is no way the truecolors of this wonderful piece can be true in translation through the internet. Just enjoy the painting!
WOW. WOW I am very impressed. ?The memmories are so vivid. Wow again! beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
For a moment there I thought the last post said the mammories are so vivid - I had to look again to make sure I hadn't missed something important... ;) Nice Singer Sargent feel BTW.