daily painting titled Route de Bedoin

Route de Bedoin

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"),oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 11 June, 2013
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Yes! Now it's a road that invites me to see what lies around the bend. Amazing what a little age can do!

What a great story and what a lovely painting

Dear Julian, yes, tarmac is hideous, why do people invent ugly stuff like that? Destroys all the romance of the countryside.
Outside my old cottage,(I live right by the road) a soft, brown tint has been added to the tarmac, thank God, especially nice after rain, which we have plenty off.
The painting is lovely, the road disappearing teasingly in a sharp curve. The wildflowers on the verges with their feet probably in a slightly damp ditch, the mountain and rosy sky. I long to be there. It looks like it could be evening.

I, too, feel an early evening glow in your painting. At any rate, your painting gives me comfort.

Hi Julian,
If all else fails we could have a "tarmac paint party". Seriously the tarmac holds the heat and makes the area feel ten times hotter. I much rather have a natural road especially for the country. Enjoy your posts along with your beautiful paintings.

I wish I could live in your part of the world just for a bit - it looks so pretty. Very serene piece, Julian, and very nicely done!

Thank you.


Evolution of the transposition of an artistic feeling in front of the same view
"Route de Bedoin" Sunday 16 November 2008
"The road to Bedoin" Sunday 6 August 2006
For me the latter is beyond compare.

Of course I had to check on earlier Bedoin paintings and so got stuck for much too long in the archives, thanks Alain! What an incredible body of work that has been built up over the years,I so admire that passion and tenacity! Anna.

Dear Julian,
I like this painting very much. Leaves the imagination free to dream where the road goes, and do I want to travel down it, what adventure awaits!
Hope it sells well.
Sister Ellen

Awesome and inspiring work, as always. I'm always awestruck by your efficient, expressive brush work. Thanks for sharing!