daily painting titled Wrapped orange

Wrapped orange

20cm x 15cm oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 January, 2011
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I just looked at Sadie Valeri's waxed paper paintings. They are beautiful, too. Your wrapping and hers are very different in quality of light and texture, and both are lovely...
I love the light through the paper, too and also the little highlight bouncing off the paper very near the center of the orange. Sadie's website is quite beautiful.
Well, Julian I know I just commented on another painting, but this is so delightful, I have to comment again..This transparent wings on that heavy orange make such an exuberant pair--those darling opposites again!
Julian this is a delight to look at. It immediately brings a smile to my face. A Happy painting!
Excellent work, Julian. Happy New Year to you and yours!!
And reminiscent William Joseph McCloskey (1859-1941) - of course? Very nice painting, indeed.
Thanks for that Leslie, a new artist for me, loved this one!
Most welcome. He's one of my favorites. I enjoy looking at your paintings. They inspire.
I love todays and yesterdays paintings, maybe the cloth and the tissue set the picture off, different textures etc. Thank you for so generously adding Sadie's website which to me is such a gift, I have already spent way too long on it, but you have to think of these things as an investment, maybe.
WOW,!!! This one is exceptional. The "deep" blue background, the perfect setting for the juicy little Clementine. Great work, Julian. Tish.
Moon wrapped in clouds Before dark night sky Above my window sill Will surely escape In another moment
love it!
Hi Julian, Thank you for nod to Sadie Valeri. I enjoyed looking at her work. You might share a subject interest in the wrapped paper/object relationship but yr balletic paper as counter balance to the reticent object has a visual charge and wit not seen in Sadie Valeri's work. Super real can sometimes refer so much to skill that it omits artist/subject inter play. Play is good!