daily painting titled Still Life with cup, chili and head of garlic

Still Life with cup, chili and head of garlic

18cm x 12cm (7"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 5 March, 2010
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Ah, the reflections, the reflections.... Ah, the colors, the colors....Tiens, ce sont les couleurs du drapeau francais!!!! Bleu, blanc, rouge!!!!Utterly gorgeous!!!!
This one seems to be an attempt to paint a still life with a maximum of objectivity. The objects looking nearly disembodied. Reminding Cezanne. Except the curve of the chili's stem echoing to the curves of the garlic. Strenghtened by the powerful movements of the fore- and background. Here I feel the drawing emotionally outweighs the colour. In spite of the vividness of the colours.
Alain, don't you think they compliment each other? The various degrees of whiteness, with grays and blues intertwined, AND the roundness of the cloves are superb together.
Julian, Quand vas tu peindre des booo pots Brueder ??????
Of course, Jol, the chili and the garlic seem to be a hot duo and both they smell... strong. But what I meant was painting without emotional ulterior motive is very difficult. And this one, by its workmanship seems to me timeless. So when I imagine our great-grandchildren looking at this work a century later, they will believe it has been painted at the instant. I have got the same feelings when I look at some Edouard Manet's still lifes.
That pepper!
beautiful painting!
I have an assignment that involves a possible still life. This and others that you have done will inspire me as will the discussion between Alain and JOL. That is one sexy pepper!
I've reread your comment, Alain, and agree with it. The painting is somehow past, present, and future, all at the same time -- in other words, "une peinture immortelle"!
Tout à fait d'accord avec le mot "immortelle" Jol. And plus, never "out of fashion".
What is so valuable in Julian's site, this is the possibility to exchange,to bandy. And as cornerstone: Art..
...or the American flag, starting with the pepper and going up, counter-clockwise!