daily painting titled Mont Ventoux from Beaumes de Venise

Mont Ventoux from Beaumes de Venise

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 17 September, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


A vaporous painting with a splendid sense of humour!A tree that tried to compete with a mountain!But the length of the shadow accross the road unfortunately betrays the swaggerer!
Louis is absolutely right. You've made it your mountain (the "your" includes Louis and Ruth). I love the whimsy of this one.
Hi !! I was going to make a similar comment ... about the tree and the mountain ! Un cadrage amusant, effectivement. And lovely as usual. Looking forward to your posts, every day. For the moment, still trying to settle down after moving from Canada to the UK. Once all our "stuff" is in place, I will join an auction, I expect. Best, Fran├žoise
Hi Julian Louis and I have the same feelings of ownership about the one behind the tree. B.
Yes, it is your mountain ... And Louis's! But I think we all feel a relationship with it because of you and your paintings. Love this one as well.
Have you noticed? There's a tree in the way! My eye really wants to rearrange the composition here.
funny, because i had the same notion when i first saw yr painting....never even noticed a tree in front of the mountain until i read some of the comments. hmmm? gfs