daily painting titled Green Lane

Green Lane

21cm x 16cm (8½"x6¼"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 28 May, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


Fresh! Inviting! You know the lane, so I can only imagine what lies beyond. Julian, you seem to be in a green period.

I think that period is called 'spring'!

Great painting!!!

being a lover of greens, this is utterly beautiful to me. wish i could figure out how many colors, shades and tints of green you used. thank you for "spring" gfs

What a painting. For me it's the best since you've started in 2005.

Vertiginous feeling. Whirling beauty. Exhilarating foliage. The groves seem to tell me: " Do not resist the temptation, come and lose your head into my delightful darkness..."
Oh no, nothing couldn't stop me from reaching the "endless end" of this crystalline lane !
Intoxicating attraction. Julian,you are a hypnotist-painter here.


Enigmatic single tiny blue spot in the patch of sky...looking like a kindly eye taking care of this green lane. "Talisman-landscape".

for somebody living in a city this is real time out into quiet bliss !

Loved this one. A lovely painting with great
presence. Havent received anything in a few days, are you on Hiatus?

Arnie Levine