daily painting titled Le Chemin sous les arbres

Le Chemin sous les arbres

15cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 10 June, 2006
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I want to buy this one!

I would like to buy this one

I'd like to buy anything Julian does, including this one!

I am sitting by the computer opening my print of cherries from Julian waiting to pounce on today's painting... Is there a group for julian addicts yet???

I don't know if there's a Julian groupie group yet, but there ought to be.

one day my postcard will come in, non?


Wow! today was the day I said
I must have that painting! How much will it cost to ship it? Looked up the cost, then how do I order and pay for it, looked that up, Alas party is over, it sold long before I got there. Again I will continue to look forward to each day's painting, but now I will look earlier!Trott

Loved the comments, as usual, and think a Julian fan group would be a great idea! If anyone is interested, please contact me at brendakett at sbcglobl dot net (replacing at with @ and dot with a full stop and no spaces)

One of these days I might get lucky and even have one of my own! Brenda

I would love to purchase this painting - it is captivating!!