daily painting titled Roses with blue background

Roses with blue background

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 5 October, 2012
Posted in Flower paintings


Loving your paintings. Kings Sutton fan club. Also found you have a strong following at our art group.
Brilliant as always Julian. Love the last one too.
An out of control Cecile rose, eh? Most Ceciles I know are such individuals they might be considered out of control! You have tamed this one beautifully. Lovely handling of the satiny petals and the crystal vase.
This struck me as being Van Goghesque...it shimmers like his blossom paintings, beautiful
Beautiful rendering of the roses, Julian. I also love the colors and depth of this painting.
Lovely. Your flower paintings are so lucid.
As obvious and "deceptively simple" still life as Manet's paintings of flowers.And as bright as the only vase of flowers of Chardin.