daily painting titled Peony


17cm x 14cm (approx. 6¾"x5½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 24 April, 2012
Posted in Flower paintings


Oh, this is a nice one. The soft, Victorian blowsy-ness of paeonies is so beautiful. The contrast of the pink light with the petals in deep shadow gives the sense of volume and roundness. You're so good at that - and knowing when enough is enough!
Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in an orchard in Gloucestershire painting pear blossom. Getting the petals in deep shade balanced with the ones in the light, and relating it all to the blue sky behind was a challenge.
I smiled at the image of Louis eating pasta with both hands...my son did the same - (he's now 21; it stops eventually!)

Stunning paeony - such a favourite - and I love your broken edge!

How lovely! Liguria is amazing- as is the pesto there! I am greatly enjoying reading Cherries From Chauver's Orchard and am so glad to have found your site on line. With a 5 & a 7 year old I am a "full time mom" and "part time painter" these days, but find that I'm doing a lot more painting recently, thanks to the inspiration of you and other wonderful artists I've come across on line. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Thanks, Julian. After hearing of the death of a dear friend yesterday, it was uplifting to see one of my favorite flowers painted by you. I take it as a sign. Beautiful!

Such wonderful richness in the darks of your peony. And of course, the edges are marvelous. It makes me want to go and find my own peony to put in paint!


Just gorgeous! Love the delicacy of the petals.

How beautiful! The peony is my favorite flower and you captured it so well.

I once read this about the peony?"the rose must be jealous." I love that.

That is a winner !!! well done

lovely, lovely piece of work. Just got back from Tuscany - Liguria and Puglia - will have to do that another time!

Ciao bella



I would die happy if I had painted that!

Thank you, Julian, and happy holidays.


Just wanted you to know how much I wait for your lovely paintings each week and how much I treasure your wife's book. I haven't entered your auction yet. I'm waiting for exactly "The One Perfect Treasure". Please keep sending the emails to me. I'm getting too old to travel now, but they remind me of your divine Provence and all the joys and happiness it has brought me over the past 20 years. You allow me to feel, for a short instance, like I'm there again. Thank you.......(and your little boy sounds like wondrous child!)........Thank you... Elaine Halpern

As gorgeous as this peony is, now I want to see a painting of Louis eating pasta!!

Can you tell us how large this one is? I'm used to seeing the size on most of your beautiful paintings. Really lovely.