daily painting titled Clementine on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

Clementine on a Gold Rimmed Saucer

22cm x 11cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 January, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


dear julian , what fun you must be having with these recent paintings!they are exquisite!
Dear Julian, You have painted/created celestial light! That is a beautiful miracle! Thank you.
luminous gorgeous love it!
So how was Paris and Don Giovanni? (I read Ruth's wonderful blog post) And what did you think of Courbet?
These are lovely, Julian. I stuck my comment on the latest, but I love the walnuts too, of course, and the geomentrical pots and fruits. And I can say that all those I've seen are even better in the original! Technical question: I'd have sworn that you use a base of colour on the card. Do you paint into that wet on wet? The cards I saw were plain white, I thought... All the best. N
Hi Nick, I start with white primed card and usually wash in the colors thinly then work up to thicker paint introducing white into the mix all wet into wet.

Don, thanks the Mozart was great, the Courbet no real surprises a lovely small still life I hadn't seen before and one very modern looking portrait but too many paintings of stags!
Really wish this was a print:>) Only one still life on a gold-rimmed plate...(and don't think I've seen any clementines on a print!)...anyway I love it, sigh.....
Stunning. All best, Jan
BTW Don, great article about Courbet here-I have my reservations on what's said but basically very interesting and enlightening about the period, NYBooks (originally from 3 Quarks Daily )