daily painting titled Manon sur le lit

Manon sur le lit

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 9 January, 2017
Posted in Paintings of cats


An unmade bed? Of course cats always know the best nap spots!
What a lovely painting. It so perfectly captures the peace of lying in the sun.
Maya took the words out of my mouth!! As a true cat lover, you can almost "feel" his contentment lazing in the warm sun (how cats love the heat!) - and yes, you certainly captured that blissful look they get when sunbathing.
Hi Julian, I just love you're cat paintings! You should do more.
Julian, This is beautiful. Love the subject and the play with light. very Nice!
This one captured my heart. Wonderful capture of light. Bravo !
Ohhhhh I love this beautiful painting of sweet Manon! I know this sweet kitty, glad she is nesting in bed again. I WANT this painting so bad.