daily painting titled Vase of sunflowers

Vase of sunflowers

17cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 6 August, 2013
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2000! Hats off sir! I wish you remain healthy and shine brightly as these sunflowers, forever!
A great accomplishment with such a lovely image...may your day shine brightly forever!!!
2000!! Wow, many congratulations and very well done that is awesome. Love love the painting. How did you make that beautiful green for the vase? It is just perfect.
Felicitations Julian, Well done and wishing you many more to come (for us to be surprisingly delighted!)
An excellent painting to celebrate your 2000th Daily Painting. A lot of hard work to keep this up day after day, year after year. Well done!!! Steve
Van Gogh watch out!!
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!!Thank you, Julian!!!
A first day back to school for our 1st and 3rd graders but we will take inspiration from these magnificent sunflowers as we celebrate 2000 with you!
Quite an accomplishment. Here's to many more.
Congratulations on 2000 paintings, Julian. That's momentous. I agree with others--here's to many more to come!
Congratulations on arriving at such an impressive and unusual number. And to have done so with adventures that you chose to share and to have found growth in many interesting directions. For myself, I am going off to an intensive oil painting weekend at the Museum in Boston. I am taking your shadows with me. Best regards, Elinor
Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! The colours are so vivid and complement each other so well. Lovely choice. I am so jealous - my sunflowers never look like that. Well done, Julian. elaine
Congratulations on your 2000th!! That is quite an accomplishment. Super sunflowers, and the vase is to die for. Thanks for always sharing. :-)
Hi Julian , Congratulations on 2000 paintings!! I love the sunflowers and the vase is spectacular!! You knocked it out of the park!! Thanks for sharing, Craig
Ragged sunflowers...and the chipped pot..magno....
félicitations Julian!
how summery! 2000 eh? wow!
Congratulations and a very big Thank You! You are an inspiration to each of us, and so very generous to share your sublime work. Karen, Australia.
Dear Julian, congratulations on no 2000 and your tenacity and great talent. This Provencal pot(love the heavy drip of glaze at the bottom) filled with sunflowers is a fitting subject for the milestone. I hope you know by now how much inspiration, comfort and joy you give us all in your "Postcards from Provence". "Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life", Picasso. Anna.
Such a beautiful and masterful painting for #2000! Congratulations, Julian!
Dear Julian, So beautiful! The glaze on the pot is perfect! I look forward to seeing your paintings every day. Keep them coming! Many Thanks, Anne
thank you as always, julien, for your inspiring works....and congratulations on the 2000th. (just had to cut back the sunflowers in my backyard as they were into the electric wires. so i will have yours to look at til mine grow back) grace
Ditto.....my feelings & thoughts exactly
Your paintings fly into my inbox and brought immense pleasure and an education. The landscapes led to a trip to Bedoin. It is a magical place. Congratulations on your achievement. Barbara
Thanks Jennifer b, although Picasso has nothing on our Julian, he did come up with a few good quotes! Anna.
Congrats on 2000! The glazed and unglazed textures on the pot are masterfully done! Your email is a treat I look forward to everyday. I'm hoping to come to Provence and study with you someday in one of your workshops. Judy
How wonderful!!! This is a spectacular accomplishment!!
This painting is beautiful. 2000! Congratulations. You are phenomenal. You have been an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. Thank you for being the prolific artist you are. Blessings and good fortune to you. Much love and respect, Deborah
Congratulations for your beautiful paintings.
That's such a lovely pot. This charming subject sits so nicely in the frame. congrats on your achievement Julian. You are an inspiration