daily painting titled Pêche Blanche

Pêche Blanche

15cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Saturday 24 June, 2006
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Brilliant as usual!

A note to all you who labor under the burden of dial-up and feel your chances of obtaining one of these gems are nil: persevere! After at least a half a dozen attempts to purchase, I "won" one of yesterday's gorgeous studies of the wheatfield. The rewards are ever sweeter for the efforts. Thank you, Julian!

fantastically brushy and sketchy. love it.

I put up a picture of my pallette which Pierre Louis asked about yesterday..

Messy is a sign of genius! Thanks for sharing your palette I always enjoy seeing what other artists use to create. The peach by the way is sumptuous ( I hope I spelled that right LOL) I has a Cezanne feel to it and I consider him to be the master of fruits!

Happy Painting,

Thank you Julian, for the picture of your pallette!! You're too kind.

I agree with Jan, the peach is very "Cezanneish". Just lovely! I also thank you for the picture of your palette. I too paint on a glass palette, but I need one as big as yours! It's nice to see your materials. Thank you!

a beautiful peach