daily painting titled Two pears

Two pears

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 30 January, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


hi dear friends! just to send love to all three and say I totally agree with Ruth, selecting for a still life (good title, eh wot?) is a grand thing I remember choosing an off-white pitcher for a Clive painting, what a delight all around love, m.a.
Yes, you are so right...selecting the right objects is art in itself. I always look forward to seeing your selection of objects. Beautiful objects. Beautifully set-up. Always. Bravo to both of you!
A lovely "pair of pears" indeed! :)
Julian, I like this development of having the light behind the images; to me, this engages the entire picture as a painting, and let's the subjects (pears in this case) become part of the bigger picture. At least that is how I see this development - beautiful as always, thank you.
They lookgoodenufftoeat. :)
I really love this. The colors are so bright and vibrant, like a sunny warm kitchen.
Errapairapearsonraflair as Stanley Baxter would have said - I say they are beautiful!
Beautiful....Pears, especially "a pair of pears" are my anytime-fallback subject matter. Such wonderful shapes and colors....Always inspiring for when I have "blank canvas syndrome". Your beautiful paintings are always inspiring to me.... every day...Thank you.
Gorgeous painting!
My wife does that too, not sure if I like it or not but if the painting turns out well then of course she takes half the credit.
Dear Julian,one word will suffice for a change:juicy!! Anna.
I enjoyed viewing this pair of pears from the angle of as one's eye, chin and face at the same level of the table top to see the negative space between them. Great job!!
It looks to me that the pear on the right is taking a bow. I have name it Julian. So apropos.
I came to art late, in my 60's, after being a writer all my life. For 10 years I've experienced the passion known only to artists. After pretty much mastering pastels, landscapes of Vermont where we live, and Maine, I am trying to learn oils- by daily work and studying the work in oils I love. Yours is right up there at the top. You have taught me much and after a few months' interruption for surgery, I can't wait to practice what I am learning from you. With gratitude, Mallory Rich