daily painting titled After the Storm

After the Storm

15cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 24 January, 2007
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This is amazing. So atmospheric! So moody. Colors are rich and texture is beautiful.

I love this painting. I am so drawn to your contemplate landscapes and paintings.

They are a joy and meditation for me each day.......

Fantastic! What gorgeous colors. So few strokes. Would it be wrong to ask what your palette for this painting was?

I really like this painting! It has so much movement and evokes emotions that tug at the heart.

Simply wonderful... Di

most mornings i am itching to get my two cents in...my first thought when i saw today's painting:

This is truly beautiful -- I love seeing your paintings everyday, but this is the best.

Beautiful. But unfortunately I got the email five minutes after it sold.

Kathrine D in SF... I will trade three (3) earlier Julian Postcards for the one you bought... DHLL1117 AT AOL... please respond. DH

I wish there were prints of this painting.

Yes - please make prints!


sign me up for a print as well! that would be great.

Silvina, it was a fairly standard split palette: ultramarine and phalo blue, cadmium red and alizaron crimson, cadmium yellow and lemon, burnt sienna and umber with black and white.

Thank you for answering my palette question. I never would have guessed thalo blue. I thought it was cobalt.
So simple, yet mesmerizing.

Stunning use of color.