daily painting titled Tomme de Chèvre

Tomme de Chèvre

20cm x 13cm, oil on Masonite Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 16 December, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Just simply, soooooo gorgeous! (I am glad I stopped and bought some comte and morbier on my way home.. The light is so poetic and lyrical. Just makes me happy to look at this.
Like two boats,cheese and bread seem to blend their tender smell with the aromatic scent of the dark ocean lit by the moon,into the dark background...heady.
I love the way the pot is barely lit in this painting. With its smooth surface barely visible, it provides the perfect contrast to the cheese and bread and heightens their warm colours. The scene seems a prelude to sharing a simple feast with someone who might be just opening a bottle of wine.
Beautiful rendering of warm and cool neutrals. I especially love the shadow on the pointed end of the cheese.
Nice one Julian. As I'm sure you know I've painted 'bread' and 'cheese' quite a few times too (I won't bore you with the various url addresses on my art-blog), and they're usually both easy and pleasurable to paint. So why do some subjects lend themselves to effortless ?mark-making? - as one can see above - and others take a bit more effort to get just right? Answers on a ?Postcard? please.
Actually, I wondered how it was that your culinary subjects always just fit the canvas. Not many artists will confess that they actually eat their way through their work, which is as appealing as always.
You, you poor thing, you have to munch them down to miniature so you have a realistic model for your still life. Quel domage!
I don't write often, but enjoy everything you post. This one is exquisite. I also really liked the calm larger still life a while back. It has a timeless feel. Happy holidays from New Mexico, USA
12.45am - just arrived home from Christmas meal with book group ladies - husband home today from 8 days in hospital having had new knee - stressed beyond belief with working full time: - hospital visiting - preparing for 12 people for 3 days at Christmas - loads more work/ drinking / eating / present buying to get through, and then,......... clicked through to your website and experienced moment of zen-like calm (although had to borrow husband's glasses retrieved from carnage I laughingly call my house, to see it ), utterly sublime bread and cheese - could never get tired of looking at it - even when I'm sober tomorrow and regretting commenting.......
Don't regret commenting....it brought a smile to my face and I'm sure many others...Merry Christmas to you, hope all goes well...What would Christmas be like without a bit of chaos!?..and I agree this painting does have a wonderful sense of calm...beautiful.
Beautiful composition - your mastery of chiaroscuro is sublime. Would love to see the still life setup sometime to better view the transformation onto canvas, especially at such a small size. Absolutely delicious!
Julian - I love the comments on your paintings. This one made me laugh out loud. I can only imagine the trimming and tasting that needs to go on, to whittle the bread and cheese down to size. The textures in this painting are real enough to make me wish I lived close to a good cheese store.
Great study well done. Now I must go and eat something.
I want to eat all of your recent works! :)
...and I want to eat all of your recent works!
Such a tough job (getting the objects down to a paintable size)! But you seem to have done it well, Julian. ;] The lighting is sublime. Oh, it makes me hungry for French bread and French cheese...
obviously you continue to capture light and shadow incredibly well but what I find so remarkable about this one is your almost perfect capture of three very different textures. Wow as usual.
An especially lovely still life, Julian! The bread is particularly superb and the whole thing works beautifully together. My mouth is watering - so glad I live at least in "New France" with good bread and cheese almost next door!
Hi Julie Use Julian's paintings as an inspiration; get some cheese, wine, fruit, and let everyone nibble to their delight. It doesn't have to be complicated to be a joyous celebration. BM
Very nice still life! Joyce M