daily painting titled Poppies in an orchard

Poppies in an orchard

35cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Sunday 29 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Gorgeous, and who but a fool or a blind woman-man can resist red poppies in a field. Thanks, Julien
This is a magical piece of work. I've always been drawn to your dark still life paintings but this one impresses me just as much. Thanks for posting it.
Julien! That painting is so radiant and full of life. I am dazzled. Makes my day. Judythe
Love the picture and care-free brush strokes
Beautiful!! Can visualize in one of your fields of poppies with sun shining down. Thank you, Julian.
Please, Julian, make this into one of your prints. It is absolutely glorious
Love this painting and the lighting above the poppies......carefree and whimsical and so summer typical.
Wow!!!! I am just in love with this piece but then again, I love all your work. This is just gorgeous - very refreshing and uplifting. Who doesn't love poppies?! To use an old expression ..... "I'd give my eye teeth" to paint as freely as you do. Thank you, Julien.
Stunningly whimsical. I love it.
I have a picture of Michele, our daughter, when she was a little girl, in a field of poppies, with Sancerre in the distance. This painting, like Proust's "madeleine," evokes lovely memories as well as admiration for its exquisite freshness. Merci, Julian. (Do people who spell your name "Julien" confuse you with "Julien Sorel"?)
YES YES YES!!! Thanks Craig
Fun :))
Might we be able to see the larger painting please? so can see the fuller picture...and background..
JUlian, This is yummy!