daily painting titled Lemon, bottle and pomegranate

Lemon, bottle and pomegranate

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 1 October, 2016
Posted in Still life paintings


Julian, I remember when you got the small bottle and love how you continue to use favorite items. It''s like visits from old friends.
I haven't seen an ink bottle in awhile - nice addition, Julian.
This is so beautiful!
The composition is really different and eye catching. The pomegranate is a very charming painterly object. This one works so very well.
I first have to say that I'm not a painter or an artist my immediate reaction to this beautiful study is that your signature colour detracts from the composition, Now this may only be my quirkiness it is entirely subjective and I could be completely wrong, I do love your work and I always look forward to seeing what you will do next. We are all lucky that you send us your work by email for us to al admire Colin